Financial Adviser Testimonials

“Coach Larry is the best!!! Coach wants to be part of our success”.


Brady Tice – Oak Knoll Wealth Management

“Larry is the best! He keeps me accountable and on task.”


 Andy Fiske-Fiske Financial Strategies

“He guides me to challenge myself beyond my comfort zone to make exceptional positive changes in my life and business. He asks simple, but powerful questions that supported me to find my own answers. Larry cheers me on and acknowledged my accomplishments.”


Susan Wilson – Money Wise Advisers

“Larry took the time to understand where I was in my practice, and where I wanted to be as a wealth adviser, a father, and a husband. At first, I was looking for a coach who had experience specifically in my profession. That is why I had initially reached out to Larry. But I came to realize he had so much more to offer. I am grateful for our relationship. I recommend you give him a call.”

Marc Bacsafra – Fountainhead Wealth Management Inc.

“Larry’s professionalism comes through on each call. Everything about him is professional: from the website; adviser educational and informational materials; to the powerful questions that make a difference in my financial advisory practice. I especially like how Larry’s coaching supports me to think outside the box. The process he has been trained in, has brought out the creativity in me that is necessary in the success of becoming an elite adviser. I feel he understands me because he was in the “trenches” as a former, successful, financial adviser. There is nothing I’ve been through or going through that Larry himself has experience. I believe this gives him a unique advantage over other coaches.”


Karen Bauser – Madison Securities Inc.

“I have had the privilege of knowing Larry Gapinski since 1964. He is one of my best friends. Larry has played an integral part in my life over the years. His wisdom and advice have been very valuable to me and those I care about. Larry has been very successful in just about every endeavor he has undertaken; from athletics (baseball and football), to very healthy relationships with his family and friends, to a successful financial adviser for 30 years. His current business, “Larry Gapinski Business Coaching,” has not only been very successful for Larry, but for me and my organization as well. I currently own a financial services business in Santa Barbara and Westlake Village and act as an “Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction” where I supervise offices in Philadelphia, Fort Worth, San Jose and Agoura. Several advisers in my organization have utilized Larry’s services and their businesses and personal lives have flourished as a result. His insight, advice and life-knowledge have been invaluable.”


Tim Tremblay – Tremblay Financial Services

“My experience so far has really helped instill my belief in my practice and inspires me to excel at the highest level. Since I am new in the business, Larry coaches me to develop client acquisition skills that work.”


John Thiel – Fountainhead Wealth Management Inc.


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