Business Coaching Testimonials

“On a scale of 1-10, I rate Larry a 10; great coaching that works.”


Rochelle Margucci-West Sacramento Book Keeping and Tax


“Larry has pushed me and my business to another level with his supportive guidance. I have been able to focus on what is important in my life and my business– that clarity has propelled my momentum and I’m loving every minute.”

Chantie Coryell-6MK Graphic and Design

“I own a personal wellness firm, Studio Lauras. Our services include, Pilates, fitness, and yoga, either private sessions or in a small group setting. As my coach, Larry helped me recreate the foundation of my business. In addition to growth strategies, Larry guided me as I set my own Personal Standard of Integrity. This Personal Standards of Integrity I created serves as a beacon for developing, and growing my business, as well a linchpin for day-to- day operations.”


Laurie Dakins-Studio Lauras

“Larry is a MASTERFUL COACH! He’s incredible. If you want to take your life or business to the next level, then I recommend coaching with Larry! His empathy, encouragement and most of all his passion is REMARKABLE! I know when I speak with Larry, he will be present and gentle with me, two things I really needed in my life when I started coaching.”


Amina Zamani – Media Consultant

“Asking for support has stopped me from realizing what’s meaningful in my life. I hired Larry to help me move forward with my music. His coaching encouraged me to accept where I am as a musician. Coaching inspire me to move past the obstacles without struggle.”


Marti Meyer – Garden Graphics

“Over the past two years, I have benefited from the coaching from my coach, Larry Gapinski. I was unhealthy, and just going through life being busy with all the usual things that take up ones daily boring life but not actually not taking the time out to do what was truly important. Larry helped me focus on things I know deep down inside that I should act but never got around to it. He coached me to keep my business & life’s intentions in the forefront of my thoughts and actions. As a direct result of Larry’s coaching, I been able to stop taking sleeping pills which I never had thought was possible. I now wake up fully rested and eager for the day. I have started a regular exercise program that suits me and is easy to complete. Since it is comfortable. Larry has inspired me to see what I eat affects my life.  I am eating much better than I ever have. I have lost weight and overall my health is much better – after my last physical, my doctor said I have the body chemistry of a 20 year old!  Lastly, Larry coaches me to make family and friends a higher priority in my life.  The best part is how close my relationship with my five year old grandson has become. I actually make time in my schedule to drive him to kindergarten every school day. This is something I would have never thought possible before Larry supported me to see the possibilities. I now arrive at work and leave early to make time for what’s meaningful in my life. a later than usual but it is worth every moment with him. I am working less and enjoying more. Life does not get any better than that, well maybe – we shall see what doors open for me in the future.”


Jerry Aplass PE, PLS-Burrell Consulting“

“With expert and compassionate skill, Larry coached me to overcome doubt and fear I had about making public presentations and networking with other professionals. This was the best time and money I have ever spent developing my business.”


George Peckham, Marriage and Family Therapist

“Larry provided me with ideas and suggestions that I would not have thought of before I commenced marketing my products, suggestions that saved me a lot of time in the long run. Larry also provided me with the “can do” spirit when I fell sort of my desired end. I would not recommend a business coach other than Larry Gapinski.”


Richard Campbell, Owner, A.B. Lighting

“Over the past six years, Larry Gapinski has empowered me through all stages of brain storming, research, & implementation of a variety of highly successful projects, including; advertising campaigns, retreats, & professional training which I have conducted.”


Siri Gian Singh Khalsa, Director, Reichian Institute

“Through my coaching relationship with Larry, I am developing the skill to be more accepting of myself and others. I am doing this because Larry has demonstrated unconditional acceptance of me. I feel honored and respected by Coach Larry.”


Phyllis Flemmings, Coach, Phoenix Rising


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