Professional Clean Sweep

In order to pinpoint areas in your business which may benefit from coaching, we have an evaluation that you may use. Please download our exclusive “member only” checklist resource by clicking on link below. Clean Sweep Personal Checklist Clean Sweep Professional Practice Checklist

How Can the Right Coach Help You to Reach Your Highest Goals?

How Coaches Work Coaches help individuals and organizations pinpoint and address their most important goals by asking powerful questions and empowering their clients to find the answers within themselves.  Unlike other forms of therapy and counseling, the fundamental philosophy of coaching is supporting individuals to find their own answers.  Coaches work to ensure that the […]

Things to Think About When Selecting a Coach

A coach can help both you and your business to effectively launch the strategies and solutions that will keep you ahead in uncertain times. Finding the right coach, however, requires a critical examination of the factors that make a coach not only successful, but also effective for the goals you have set. Here are some […]

The Rise of the Coach and What It Can Do For Your Business

In the past decade, coaching, widely used in corporate circles since the 1980s to further develop executives’ leadership and management abilities, has begun to attract very strong interest among small business owners.  According to a December 2002 study funded by the Economist, “…business coaching is a trend that’s exploding among small businesses and organizations nationwide. […]