If you've found your way here because you’re tired of running your financial advisory business in the same old manner.  Or, maybe you've realized that running your small business has come to be about everything but actually growing revenues? Good for you! You've just taken the first step toward making a change.

Let's face it, as humans, we all we all find ourselves mindlessly doing the same things over and over again expecting different results. I know what that is like. The good news though, is that all can change and you can be empowered in a way that you have never been before. You'll generate more business, never have to make a cold call again, attract your ideal client or customer and free yourself from the day-to-day grind.

Just step away
Take a moment and reflect on the last few years. Has your financial advisory practice really been what you'd hoped? Has your small business grown as you'd imagined? What's stopping you? Chances are, rather than focusing on developing profitable new business by attracting affluent clients or driving customers to your business, you find yourself putting out one brush fire after another; moving pile A to pile B then back to pile A. Perhaps the new client or customer acquisition strategy you've planned has never gotten off the ground and you go home at night knowing you didn’t follow through on revenue generating activities. That's no way to work, especially if your goal is to be a top-tier adviser or a profitable small business. I’ve been there, done that.

Every single day, financial advisers and business people just like you are wrestling with the same exact thing. There's a way out though that I have personally experienced. For more than 20 years, I was on that hamster wheel running hard and all I was doing was becoming exhausted. It took a toll on my career, impacted my work and home life and even affected my health. When I finally stopped and reflected on what I was doing, it became clear that my approach to business was not helping me to realize my goals.  I was running on auto pilot, doing things because they were “what I had always done” and allowing myself to get caught up in the belief that “busyness” is the same as being productive.

Making a change
With this clarity, I wanted to make a change. I spent a ton of money on DVDs, books, boot camps and seminars.  I wrote out new schedules, made pledges and vowed to start fresh. Despite my best intentions, however, as soon as I got back in the office on Monday and faced the deluge of customer demands, compliance issues and administrative minutia, I went right back to my old ways– after all, busyness was productive, or so I thought. All I had accomplished was to spend a lot of money. Nothing changed.

I didn't go down this path just once, but multiple times. Every time, with the same results. It wasn't until I decided that I couldn't do this alone that I finally was able to make a lasting change. The element I was missing was support and that's when I hired a coach.

As humans, we are uncomfortable with change. It's too uncertain. In fact, we have an inherent instinct that prepares us to combat this uncertainty, it’s called fight or flight. I was hopelessly caught up in making promises to myself that tomorrow would be different. Sound familiar? We will naturally avoid change with all our might. We need someone to inspire and hold us accountable to make changes in our lives. Someone that can help us break through the incessant chatter of doubt and worry that stops us from hitting our goals. Without support, we don't succeed.

With the support of my coach, I was able to break the cycle of feast or famine. I was able to design a resilient and sustainable financial advisory business as I wanted it to be and then take meaningful action to achieve that design. With some new skills my revenues grew, I developed deeper more meaningful client relationships and I even saw profound changes in my personal life.

You too can make these changes…NOW! Through my own personal experiences, and through my work with hundreds of financial advisers and business people, I’ve learned that coaching is one of the most powerful forces for change. A coach helps us to design who we want to be, so that we can achieve what we want.



“Larry, my coach has completely changed the way I run my business and has renewed my love for the industry. My wife is now going to start meeting with him. I am so grateful to have him.”

Brian Mouer- Mouer Dental Designs INC.